Visit from Pezheads -

Shawn Peterson and i had a trip to one of the greatest pezheads: Mr. Johann Pühringer from Austria (October 2009)

Franz visited me today 10.06.2011

Erna Visted me too. She is the chief from Franz 10.06.2011

Michael seine Frau und ich 22.01.2011

Today i  had a visite from Mr. Gerhard Lueger (05.02.2011)

Alfred and me 20.11.2010

A Birthdaypresent for Markus. A visite at the PEZFACTORY Linz/Traun. 03.11.2010

Momo, Gregor und Ich (10.10.2010)

Visite from Hans and Christian (08.10.2010)

Pinar,Markus, Christian und ich (08.10.2010)

Christian from france and i had a visite at the PEZfactory Linz/Traun

I had a visite from Christian and his wife from france. We had a great time. We had a trip through Linz and Pöstlingberg (Grottenbahn). If you are interested Google Pöstlingberg and Grottenbahn. You will see some great pictures (without us)
This pic shows Josef from linz ,me and Chrisitan(13.8.2010)

Doron and Iris from Israel visited me. We had a trip to the PEZfactory and a lot of fun. Nice time. Thanks for the visite (june 2010) is not affiliated or endorsed in any way, shape or form with
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